Houghton Karate Classes

by Linden Huckle September 12, 2022  

houghton karate club sensei

Houghton karate club was founded in 2020 by Sensei Steve Church 3rd Dan and Sensei Paul Ruddock 3rd Dan.

Houghton karate Dojo is part of the Zanshin black belt academy which was first established in 1976.

Steve Sensei and Paul Sensei have been training for many years and their karate teaching is of the highest level.

The classes are open to all ages and fitness levels. Come down and give karate a try.

Below is a short statement from Steve and Paul Sensei ~

Houghton Karate Club

Although rooted in traditional Shotokan karate, the ethos of the dojo is one of karate as an holistic system that combines understanding of basic technique, body movement and mechanics through to application. We believe that true understanding only comes from an openness to engage and learn from all those willing to share their knowledge.

Houghton Karate Club Address, Day and Times

Houghton Karate Club ~ Houghton And Wyton Memorial Hall, 1A St Ives Rd, Houghton, PE28 2BJ

Every Monday ~ Kids and Adults     6pm - 7pm   -    Every Saturday ~ Kids and Adults     9am - 10am

karate classes

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Mobile ~ 07730 666796
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